So you’ve tried out the free PageLines Lite edition and you’re ready to take your website to the next level. Great! Here is how you do it.

How to Upgrade

After you purchase a Professional or Developer license, log in to the WordPress Administration panel on your PageLines Lite website. Once logged in to WordPress:

  1. Click “PageLines,” then “Account”.
  2. Enter your PageLines Username and Password (the one you use when you log into
  3. Once successfully logged in, it will state “Professional (or Developer) edition enabled”.
  4. Go back to your WordPress Dashboard. You should see a notice at the top of the screen (see graphic below).
  5. Click “Update Now”.
  6. Under the “Themes” tab, check the box next to “PageLines” and click “Update Themes”.
  7. After you update you will have the latest version of PageLines Professional or Developer.

PageLines Version 2.4.6 is available. You should Update Now.

Please check out the release thread before upgrading

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